Roller Flatwork Ironer



1, Ironing machine design and manufacture of fully considering the domestic washing factory ironing machine quantity is little, high work load using the environment, increase the allowance of cloth guide roller and bearing, improve production efficiency and quality of ironing , and really save the maintenance cost, durable.

2, Composite box design, multi-roll free combination. In the later stage, the roller can be added directly without disassembling the original machine.

3, The transmission structure adopts elastic tensioning device. The front and rear roll differential control precision , avoid the pull of the grass to balance the quality of tension, running smooth noise low.

4, Ironing Angle 320˚ , each roll independent of the inverted bucket steam trap with precise siphon drainage device, not only ensure safe, rapid drainage, and improving the efficiency of iron and smoothness.

5, The high pressure stainless steel casks, all-stainless steel composite guide roller, the maximum degree to avoid the safety hidden trouble caused by the pressure fluctuation of the pressure and the late roll body corrosion is not easy to maintain the problem.

6, Inverter motor and imported electric drive ensure stable operation in low frequency and high temperature environment. Programming operation.


Model Unit YPI-3000 YPI-3300


Ironing Width mm 3000 3300


Diameter of Roller mm 800 800


Ironing Speed

m/min 0-10 0-10


Steam Consumption Kg/h 110 110


Steam Pressure Mpa 0.4-07 0.4-07


Motor Power Kw 0.75 0.75


Power Supply

220V/60Hz, 380V/50Hz,415V/50Hz

Dimension mm 1300X1600X4240 1300X1600X4540


Weight Kg 1400 1500