Laundry Linen Folder



  1. Using Mitsubishi PLC and touch screen, to achieve Chinese and English man-machine dialogue interface, easy to understand, easy to operate. High reliability, long life, easy to query and use methods.
  2. All the important components are imported, such as Schneider inverter and electrical components from France, Mitsubishi PLC, Azbil sensor, Shhoukai electromagnetic brakes and clutches, SMC solenoid valve from Japan , Airtac pneumatic components from Taiwan.
  3. The high-strength frame integral welding guarantees the reliability and high performance of the whole machine.
  4. The use of enlarged seat bearings facilitates maintenance and greatly improves bearing life.
  5. Adopting sprocket drive, the transmission has high precision and long service life, and it is maintenance-free.
  6. Equipped with two sets of emergency folding function system: if the touch screen is faulty or damaged, it can also have a set of emergency five fold/two fold function, If the PLC controller is faulty or damaged, the folding machine can still be operated without folding.
  7. Professional millimeter length measuring and speed measuring device ensures accurate folding.
  8. High-quality anti-static belt and elastic belt to ensure folding effect and extend the life of the belt.
  9. Discriminating with folding range, cross folding, wide folding, protection and alarm to ensure high quality folding effect.
  10. Realize linkage with the speed of the ironing machine to achieve stepless speed regulation.
  11. The dirty cloth detection function is realized. When the cloth is placed, the cloth is dirty. Just press the button, and the folding machine automatically retreats to the table after completing the second vertical folding.
  12. Has astuck linen alarm function and stops.
  13. Efficient removal of static bars to effectively remove static electricity.
  14. Safety guard, internal interlock and emergency stop to ensure safe operation.
  15. Independent ground terminal to avoid interference.


Model Unit ZD-3000 ZD-3300
Max Folding Width mm 3000 3300
Max Folding Speed m/min 50 50
Power V 220V/60Hz, 380V/50Hz,415V/50Hz
Motor Power Kw 2.05 2.05
Air Pressure Mpa 0.7 0.7
Air Consumption L/min 170(6cfm) 210(7.5cfm)
Air Inlet   1/2″ 1/2″
Air Outlet   1/4″ 1/4″
Dimension mm 3723×2950×1990 3723×2950×1990
Weight Kg 1500 1560