Tilting Washer Extractor



1. Our tilting washer extractor is soft mount and integrates mature laundry equipment technology, high-quality materials, and excellent workmanship to ensure the overall performance of the equipment.

2. Airbag lifting structure, equipped with position detection and self-locking device, convenient and reliable to use.

3. additional positive and negative jog buttons to ensure the safety of operators.

4. Reasonable forward tilt angle and large size door, to ensure that the discharge is completed within 30 seconds.

5. The drum adopts the flat hole process, the density is high, and the V-shaped ribs adopt the punching design at the same time, which greatly improves the washing degree of the cloth.

6. High anti-corrosion performance, the outer cylinder and water contact part are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the service life are longer.

7. Low-frequency all-steel weight design, better shock absorption effect, no need for special foundation, easy to install.

8. Soap tank with 5 detergent separators, unique tilt stainless steel soap door to avoid material leakage.

9. High eccentric load accelerated life test, to ensure that the structural parts of the equipment have a long life and a longer service life.

10. Narrow-shaped sink design, effectively reduce the volume of invalid water, while saving chemical materials, more energy efficient.

11.300G dehydration force, standard two-way water, effectively reduces the water and drying time, more efficient.

12. Anti-offset ability, high drying success rate, effectively reducing the repetition time, more time-saving.

13. Comprehensive safety control, pressure water level detection, and improve work reliability.

14. Germany imported V-type seals and other high-quality devices to further improve equipment stability.

15. Multi-function microcomputer processing controller, 30 sets of editable programs, full-featured, and provide software upgrades and USB functions.

Technical Parameters

Model Unit XGQ-100T XGQ-130T
Capacity Kg 100 130
Volume L 1014 1300
Drum Size mm 1240×840 1300×980
Power Supply V/Ph/Hz 220V/60Hz, 380V/50Hz,415V/50Hz
Inverter Power Kw 11 15
Motor Power Kw 7.5 11
Multilingual Microprocessor 30 programmable + maunal
Washing Speed Rpm 32 32
Spin Speed Rpm 650 640
G-factor G-factor 300 300
Stainless Steel AISI 304 Standard Standard
Steam Pressure bar 4-6 4-6
Cold Water Inlet Inch 11/2 11/2
Hot Water Inlet Inch 11/2 11/2
Steam Inlet Inch 1 1
Recycling Drain-optional Inch 11/2
Drain mm 140 140
Compression Air Inlet mm ∮8 ∮8
Weight Kg 3500 4200
Dimension(Width/Depth/Height) mm 1810X2010X2340 1870X2130X2340