Commercial Stacked Washer And Dryer



1. The commercial washer and dryer is developed based on the organic integration of the washing machine, extracting and the dryer, and realizes the multi-purpose of one machine.

2. Washing and extracting or drying may run at the same time . It consists of two parts—-the upper part and the lower part.

3. Heating method: Electric/ Steam/Gas three choices.

4. Washing, extracting and drying are all controlled by computer board. One machine completely replaces the traditional two machines of the washing machine and the dryer.

5. The structure of the whole machine is reasonable and compact, saving floor space. The dryer adopts the axial air intake form to more effectively utilize the heat energy, shorten the drying time, and utilize the heat energy more effectively than the traditional radial air inlet mode, thereby reducing the drying time and saving the cost.

6. The double-layer structure occupies a small space, is easy to move, and is easy to maintain.

Technical Parameters

Model Unit SWD-16 SWD-22
Washing Capacity Kg 16 22
Capacity of dry clothes Kg 16 22
Voltage V AC220V/380V/415V/50Hz AC220V/380V/415V/50Hz
Washing Speed rpm 45 45
Distribution Speed rpm 60 60
High Extract Speed rpm 900 900
Washing Motor Power Kw 1.9 2.2
Dryer Motor Power Kw 0.3 0.5
Fan Motor Power Kw 0.37 0.55
Power of Dryer Heater Kw 220V 9/380V 14/415V 14 220V 9/380V 14/415V 14
Power of Washer Heater Kw 12 16
Installed Capacity Kw 220v 10 14/380V 15 14 220v 10 14/380V 15 14
Water Consumption L/h 200 240
Steam Consumption Kg/h ≦15 ≦18
Steam Pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6
Cold Water Inlet mm Ф20 Ф20
Steam Inlet mm Ф15 Ф15
Water Drain mm Ф76 Ф76
Weight Kg 370 470
Dimension mm 813X1120X2120 817X1420X2120